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Chris Gutzeit

Chris Gutzeit

Since his upbringing in Hawaii, on Oahu’s North Shore to his current home in Santa Barbara, California, Chris Gutzeit exemplifies the true meaning of a waterman. He learned how to surf from his father at the age of 3, started windsurfing at the age of 12,  has been kiteboarding for 11 years, and doing stand-up for the past 4 years. He is currently sponsored by Blueline, Paddle Surf Hawaii, Kaenon, Dakine, Rainbow Fin Company, and Caution Kites.

After managing Blueline Paddle Surf of Santa Barbara for two years and teaching their clientele to stand-up paddleboard, Chris saw the need for what is now the SUP Training Rails.  His artistic and design background, along with his strong connection and love for the ocean was the perfect combination when designing Carbonerro’s innovative products.

Mitch “MC” Calderwood

Mitch "MC" Calderwood

Industrial engineer specializing in rubber and plastic products manufacturing and material science. An entrepreneur businessman since 1980, MC has developed and brought to markets worldwide some fifty-seven different products across a broad spectrum of industries (Children’s Toys, Distilled Spirits, Medical, Dental, Automobile, Motorcycle and Computer Software,). Holder of multiple U.S, and foreign utility patents, MC enjoys developing new and novel products where innovation changes the consumer experience and expectation of a product category.